Bushcraft Carving Projects

A few ideas and some hints and tips to get you started. The safe cutting techniques and bushcraft carving projects are aimed at someone new to carving wood and have been kept fairly basic for that reason. I recommend that everyone should do their own research on cutting techniques and nothing can beat going on a recognised course and being taught by a qualified instructor.

A few initial basic rules to remember:-

1.) Always have your first aid kit with you and accessible whenever you use any cutting tool.

2.) Keep your knife sharp and only use it if it really is sharp.

3.) NEVER cut on your legs or between your thighs (if you cut through your femoral artery you will loose something like a pint of blood every minute and death is the most likely outcome!!!). I know that all sounds a bit harsh but unfortunately it’s true. A good basic position for general whittling is to sit down with your elbows on your knees.

4.) Always cut away from yourself never towards you.

5.) Always try and cut to the side of your body and away from yourself, and make sure that other people are at least two metres away from you.

6.) Try and take a few small controlled cuts at a time rather than big heavy cuts (it’s less likely to end in tears), and never slash at anything with a knife.

7.) Take your time when carving anything and enjoy it. Rather than rushing through to see the final product (which is likely to be somewhat disappointing if you rush it), enjoy the feel of the knife in your hand and the wood you are carving.

8.) Keep your knife sharp, enjoy yourself and keep safe.

A few basic bushcraft carving projects:-

a) Basic Cutting Techniques

b) Willow Bark Slip Whistle

c) Indian Gambling Game

d) How to Carve a Wooden Spoon

e) How to Carve a Wooden Bowl

f) Carve a Dalarna Horse